Online Compliance Training Programs

Regulatory initiatives are constantly evolving, and organizations that fail to keep up with the ever changing landscape will be levied with harsh penalties for non-compliance.

Staying current means enlisting your team in pertinent compliance training programs. From OSHA compliance to HIPAA compliance, environmental compliance training to corporate compliance training, there are a number of training options that are critical for your team’s success.

At Sterile Waste Solutions, we have teamed up with the most qualified compliance training partners to offer access to some of the best online compliance training courses. Whether your team is navigating the compliance landscape for the first time, or they simply need a refresher course, our comprehensive training sessions will tackle all of the areas that matter most for your company.


What is Compliance Training?

Compliance training helps make your employees aware of all the important laws and regulatory policies that relate to your organization. These are instructional periods that are devoted to familiarizing your team members with relevant protocols to help them remain compliant.

Lesson plans may include a variety of learning tools, including instructional videos and role-playing exercises. The use of real world scenarios helps employees relate their instructions to specific workplace situations that they may have to navigate. The goal is to make each lesson engaging, which helps employees absorb the material more easily.

Compliance training online allows remote teams to absorb all compliance related materials at home and at their own pace. Rather than having to fly people in for face-to-face training, you can now achieve the same objectives from different parts of the world. Even things like group training can finally happen regardless of physical location.

Sterile Waste Solutions uses training partners who are fully equipped for remote learning needs. You can easily assign training courses to teams around the world, and you can track employee progress for all courses.

One of the keys to employee training is the ability to train everyone on their schedule. By allowing teams to learn at their own paces, you will ensure higher retention rates and better overall adherence to compliance measures.

The Purpose of Corporate Compliance Programs

Corporate compliance programs are important risk mitigation measures against regulatory violations. They can provide a valuable layer of protection from potential lawsuits facing an organization.

A corporate compliance training program teaches new employees the policies and standards held by the specific organization, while helping existing employees stay current with the latest regulatory standards.

Most companies hold an annual compliance training session to ensure that their teams are aware of any updates to policies, but it’s also a good opportunity to engage your team members and have them interact with other members of their team. You can have them act out and work through examples together which can present a nice team building opportunity.

It’s important to note that corporate training is different from corporate compliance training. Most people would classify corporate training as more of a general training that covers specific job functions and the modus operandi for each employee. Compliance training focuses specifically on regulatory requirements and standards for behavior.

While corporate specific training might happen only once when the employee is onboarded, corporate compliance training occurs annually, or even semi-annually depending on the industry.

Which Compliance Areas Require Training?

There are several compliance areas that need to be properly addressed through adequate training.

Ergonomics Training

Teaching your team proper techniques for lifting and transporting heavy items is an essential part of the job for many healthcare related companies.

From large boxes to heavy machinery, it’s important that your team uses care when maneuvering bulky items around the workspace. Not only will this help everyone avoid pain or injuries, it will also keep you clean from liabilities.

Federal and State Laws

The regulatory landscape is constantly changing, and there are new laws on the books on almost a yearly basis. It’s important for any organization to remain agile, staying ahead of these changes to position themselves for long-term success.

HazCom Training

Teaching your team how to properly label and identify hazardous materials is an essential step towards running a safer healthcare environment. Hazard communication training instills methods for properly articulating hazards and the need for cleanups when they occur.

This will cover any federal or local safety protocols as well as integrated company policies that are essential to follow.

HIPAA Compliance

Organizations who handle sensitive health information should be aware of all HIPAA compliance regulations.

HIPAA compliance training gives employees a basis for knowing what constitutes protected health information (PHI) and how they can properly use it. This training also provides healthcare teams with helpful tips for keeping private health information more secure as well as demonstrating what to do if a breach occurs.

Medical Fraud Detection

Fraud detection is an evolving discipline thanks to the rise of money laundering and other schemes. Money laundering in the U.S. encompasses between 15-38% of cases worldwide.

The healthcare industry is extremely vulnerable to this, especially with the popularity of remote appointments. There is a plethora of valuable medical information available across the web, and most organizations are only now starting to understand the need for fraud detection compliance.

Medical fraud detection training will show employees how to properly handle patient information as well as their own. Preventing healthcare fraud starts by knowing where it comes from and understanding the warning signs at play.

Early detection leads to fewer losses and culminates in a much safer work environment for all.

OSHA Compliance

The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 was intended to ensure that companies maintained safe and healthy working conditions. This involves things like keeping your workspace clear of potential biohazards and making sure that all team members feel safe.

OSHA compliance training and environmental compliance training are important ways for private sector employers and their teams to understand the safety standards at their organizations.

Sterile Waste Solutions offers courses that cover a variety of OSHA topics, including “hand hygiene for healthcare” workers and “bloodborne pathogens for healthcare.”

Regulated Medical Waste

Regulated medical waste can be dealt with via a well crafted sustainability program. Sustainability programs can provide actionable roadmaps that are intended to drive organizational results via well defined initiatives and proper planning.

As healthcare companies push for more sustainable practices that also check the right legal boxes, Sterile Waste Solutions helps them get there faster.

Sexual Harrassment

Sexual harrassment of any kind is obviously not tolerated, and it is codified in federal law as well.

Most companies hold an annual compliance training that specifically covers harassment situations. This should be compulsory for any organization to ensure that their employees are not exhibiting any behaviors that could be deemed harassment.

Sharps Safety

Healthcare professionals encounter sharp objects on a daily basis. These sharps can present a potential biohazard if they are not disposed of properly, and with the right equipment.

Although you should hire a professional sharps disposal team when it comes to removing these objects safely, your team should at least be aware of their inherent compliance needs.

The safe handling and safe disposal of all sharp items is essential to keeping infections and potential biohazards away.

Elements of an Effective Compliance Program

What goes into an effective compliance program? A clear articulation of compliance policies and procedures and an efficient monitoring capability.

Ensuring organizational compliance means laying out the process needed to achieve your aims, and making the training’s coursework digestible to your entire team.

Effective training begins by hiring an experienced corporate training company. Sterile Waste Solutions has the infrastructure in place for comprehensive training, and we will also help you put an enforcement of standards in place.

The training is step one, but having a system that holds employees accountable is a crucial second step. Make your compliance needs easy to follow, by showcasing policies and making it easy for employees to refer to them after the training is completed.

Giving your employees access to company policies improves the likelihood that they will comply. This includes things like having a hotline for them to contact should they have an issue or whether they have a question regarding specific policy points.

By providing ample resources for employees to consult, you are ensuring that your organization remains legal and ethical at all times.

Compliance Training for Employees

Compliance programs need to be well thought out, with a clear balance between rule adherence and practicality. Empower your teams with the right information, but portray it in a manner that feels attainable.

Employees will have a better chance at complying if they feel like the standards are reasonable.

Your corporate training should lay out the policies and procedures in a manner that doesn’t feel invasive or makes employees feel like they have extra work to do outside of their positions. On the contrary, training should make employees feel empowered to perform better, knowing that there are policies in place for a more positive work environment.

Sterile Waste Solutions has empowered workforces throughout Central Ohio to reach compliance standards while performing their daily tasks safely and confidently.

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