Sterile Waste Solutions is the premier medical waste disposal company in Central Ohio.

Document Destruction Services

Properly destroying sensitive documents is a big job that your employees can’t complete with their shredders alone.

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Medical Waste Disposal Services

Organizations in the medical field have to be mindful of emitting hazardous waste. These substances can be infectious to humans while also being downright toxic to the natural environment.

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Online Compliance Training Programs

Regulatory initiatives are constantly evolving, and organizations that fail to keep up with the ever changing landscape will be levied with harsh penalties for non-compliance.

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Regulated Waste Disposal Services

For clinics, hospitals, labs, and other research environments, medical waste disposal is essential for a healthier work environment. The proper disposal of biohazards will keep employees and others protected from potentially infectious materials.

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Industries We Serve

flight attendants pushing a cart through the aisle


a women gets a dental checkup


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Federal and State Government

two medical professionals walking and talking

Hospitals and Clinics

a welder welding piping


soldiers walking through a forest with guns drawn


a women performing her physical therapy routine with her therapist

Outpatient Facilities

a women picking up her prescription from a pharmacy


a lab worker looking through a microscope

Research Buildings

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Schools and Universities

a woman's dog is on her lap as it is examined by a vet


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We Use Cutting-Edge Sterilization Technology

Sterile Waste Solutions has partnered with one of the industry’s most respected leaders to enable touchless interactions, optimized routing, and digital manifests that ensure your waste is handled safely and sustainably.

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