Medical Waste Disposal Services

Organizations in the medical field have to be mindful of emitting hazardous waste. These substances can be infectious to humans while also being downright toxic to the natural environment.

Medical waste management begins with safer disposal efforts. Safer disposal efforts begin with having a dedicated team in your corner.

From pathological waste to safer PPE disposal, Sterile Waste Solutions is #1 for medical waste management in Central Ohio.


The Importance of Medical Waste Disposal

Hospitals, clinics, and physicians’ offices are the lifeblood of modern medicine. Their amazing work has gotten us through many serious disease outbreaks and pandemics, helping us live longer lives.

But with this amazing work comes the need for comprehensive disposal services. Everything from having the proper biohazard waste containers to having the safest medical waste transport equipment around is essential to safer operations.

U.S. hospitals produce nearly 6 million tons of medical waste on a yearly basis. Without the proper safeguards in place, this waste can represent a significant threat to the environment and produce serious biohazards along the way.

It’s essential for medical organizations to take these all hazards seriously, especially substances like liquid blood or other bodily fluids that may contain highly infectious materials. Sharps and other medical instruments should also be treated with proper care and disposed of per OSHA guidelines.

It may seem like there is a lot to keep track of when it comes to proper disposal efforts, which is why it’s not advisable to attempt to do this all on your own. Hiring professional medical waste services is the best thing you can do to ensure that you are disposing of all substances in a safe and effective manner.

Teaming up with experienced professionals will help your medical facility stay compliant with all federal and local measures, this way you won’t have to keep checking up on the ever changing laws. After all, you trust your accountant to stay up-to-date on the tax code, shouldn’t you do the same with your medical waste disposal providers?

Sterile Waste Solutions has years of experience, and we understand the law like the back of our hand. Teaming with us ensures you remain compliant with the latest biohazard regulations.

Types of Medical Waste

Medical waste comes in many forms, including liquids, sharps, sharps containers, and other biohazard material. Each of these types of waste have their own requirements for proper disposal. Here are some examples of common disposal techniques:


The process of burning hazardous materials at extremely high temperatures in order to destroy any contaminants. An incinerator is a type of furnace that is specially designed to eliminate hazardous materials within a combustion chamber.

This allows for safe removal of microorganisms, done in a simple manner. There are several regulations concerning the incineration process so it’s important that your professional disposal company reviews and determines whether the specific waste articles are safe to burn.


Similar to incineration, autoclaving utilizes heat as a mechanism for eliminating harmful materials. Rather than direct flames, this process relies on hot steam which is utilized for a specific amount of time.

Chemical Disinfection

Medical waste pickup services also include the use of chemical disinfection. Chlorine is a popular option for this, since it can easily kill dangerous pathogens and microorganisms.

Once liquid waste is decontaminated, it can be disposed of into the sewer system, making chemical disinfection a convenient way to safely eliminate medical waste.


Microwaving involves the shredding of waste, mixed with water, which is then internally heated to eliminate dangerous microorganisms. The shredding aspect is especially useful since it lowers the overall volume of the biomedical waste. It is also known to be more energy efficient than other incineration methods.

Most common types of medical waste found in medical settings include:

Sharps Waste

Healthcare professionals are constantly at risk for needle-stick injuries, which is why it’s crucial to dispose of any sharp object in proper fashion. Sterile Waste Solutions utilizes the safest and most effective methods for sharps waste disposal, including the use of biohazard waste containers and efficient medical waste transport vehicles.

Chemotherapy Waste

Cytotoxic waste is an ongoing concern for treatment centers. Chemotherapy waste includes drugs and their containers, including bottles, vials, and associated packaging. Additional contaminated items include gowns, gloves, sheets, pads, and syringes.

Pathological Waste

Encompasses anything related to a human or animal, including any tissues, organs, body fluids, or body parts that were removed during surgical procedures or during an autopsy.

PPE Waste

Personal protective equipment is a lifeline for doctor and hospital workers, but this clothing and other material can quickly become contaminated with chemicals and other infectious elements.

Regulated Medical Waste (RMW)

Procedures have a propensity to create a vast amount of waste in their aftermath. The obvious remnants include human blood, gauze, bandages, and PPE. You should always hire a specialized team to dispose of these items safely in marked waste disposal containers that are designated for biohazard pickup.

Medical Waste Disposal & Management Services

Every healthcare facility knows the importance of proper medical waste disposal. This waste can effortlessly pollute the air, water, and soil, presenting a serious risk for the general public and our environment as a whole.

At Sterile Waste Solutions, we present actionable solutions to keep medical organizations safe and compliant. By providing a variety of disposal services, we can address a multitude of hazardous waste needs for any organization.

From PPE waste to biohazard waste and disposal, our team has experienced handling it all. We will facilitate the entire process from the initial cleanup to the placing of substances in containers. No questions asked.

We always follow the proper procedures and will ensure that every article of waste is properly disposed of as it leaves your facility. Sterile Waste Solutions has been a staple in Central Ohio, helping a variety of facilities around the area abide by the latest biohazard disposal standards.

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